Don’t Turn Your Back on Neutrals

Don’t Turn Your Back on Neutrals

One color we are absolutely WAiSTEDD on this fall is OLIVE. When transitioning to Fall/ Winter, it is important to find versatile pieces to accommodate the weather. You may wake up finding it’s sunny and 75 and yet when the sun disappears you find yourself in the arctic tundra. The great thing about neutrals, such as olive, are that they match with virtually everything. Mixing and matching isn’t a problem.


The complaint with neutrals is that many women find them to be boring. A great way to combat that (literally) is with a patterned neutral jacket, such as the camo one Lauren is wearing here. Pair it with some textured accessories like a studded necklace or leather bracelets for an edgy touch.



Layers are a necessity for fall. They add another dimension to the outfit and can flatter your figure. We define layers in two ways: 1. Pieces can have layers within themselves: see Danielle’s shirt. 2. Actually wearing multiple pieces- tops, sweaters, jackets: see Danielle’s blazer.




Want our looks?


Blazer:  Forever21


Shorts: Forever21

Shoes: Dolce Vita via Hautelook


Jacket:  Forever21

Top: Gap

Jeans: Mother Denim

Shoes: Ash Footwear

Necklace: Kenneth Cole


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