We all understand there is a matching myth. We are here to put it to rest.

In our younger years, we were always told that matching our clothes perfectly was essential. In high school, not matching was equivalent to your own social suicide.  Now that we have matured, we realize you can utilize many pieces in your closet by not being “matchy-matchy”.


Denim on Denim is your quintessential fashion “no-no” according to so many women. But why? Mainly because you can’t pair similar washes together- this makes you look like one big walking jean ad. Mix it up! Pair different washes together, accessorize with bold gold jewelry  and you’ve got yourself an outfit your high school peers will envy.


Another unconventional pairing is that of leather and lace. Biker chic meets Victorian femininity doesn’t sound like a combination that would work well together. Lauren’s jacket, however, does just that. The leather brings an edge that the lace on the back of the jacket softens- a stellar combination that makes it even more versatile.



We love accessories. They don’t need to match perfectly, if we haven’t reiterated the gist of our post enough already.

Be bold ladies! Make your high school self proud.



Want our Looks?

Jacket: Free People
Top: Aritzia
Jean: Levi Strauss
Shoes: BP.
Necklace: Forever 21

Top: Forever21
Jeans: Hudson Jeans
Boots: Minnetonka
Hat: Forever21
Watch: Juicy Couture
Necklace & Bracelet: Marc by Marc Jacobs

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