Upgrade Ya

T-shirts get a bad wrap. They are known for being ill fitted, tomboy-esque and quite frankly boring. Well ladies, get those t-shirts out of your closet, grab a blazer and your favorite heels because we are about to give your t-shirts the upgrade they need to be worth wearing.

As we mentioned, T-shirts on women can often time seem very ill-fitted- they simply don’t show off your beautiful curves! In order to give this t-shirt some shape, Danielle paired it with a black blazer which synchs at her waist. #waistedd much?


Introduce your t-shirt to some new things besides just plain jeans. A way to avoid falling into the “boring t-shirt trap” is to wear a unique pair of pants and heels with the shirt. Not only will the heels give you great height and elongate your legs, but the contrast with the pants will give the outfit variety. Danielle does this here with a pair of cargo pants. We love printed pants or skirts with t-shirts as well.


The final point we want to make is to pick a great t-shirt. Pick something that you will enjoy wearing and get a lot of use out of. Danielle picked this adidas top because it will go with virtually anything, thus her overall outfit combinations are endless. Our advice for picking a great t-shirt? Pick what you like and what you are drawn too. A personal favorite thing that we enjoy doing is buying t-shirts at our favorite concert and pairing them with skirts for summer and printed pants for fall and winter.


As Queen B said, “Thats a good look, believe me, ladies thats a good look” We agree with you B! Hope you enjoy upgrading your tees from drab to fab.

Want Danielle’s Look?

Blazer: Anthropologie similar here: H&M & Missguided

T-shirt: Urban Outfitters

Cargo Pants: Joe’s Jeans

Heels: Forever21

Accessories: Juicy Couture & Brandy Melville


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