Holiday Looks Pt. 1

Holiday Looks

Each Holiday season, women seek out to find the perfect holiday outfit. This often times can provide us with a sense of reprieve in the midst of seemingly endless shopping for others (give yourself a little!). While a fun task, however, it can seem overwhelming. We have some items that will be perfect for your holidays and beyond!

Holiday Look-Danielle

Holiday Look-Danielle Holiday Look-Danielle

One trend we have been loving is leather. The great thing about leather it’s something that you can wear all year round! For example, this skirt Danielle is wearing works great for a holiday party with family, friends and co-workers, but it can also pair well with a crop top or tank top for the summer. If you are in a colder part of the world, we would suggest faux leather pants, or wearing tights with a skirt similar to Danielle’s during the winter season. Pair it with a great blouse and a jacket and your ready to sparkle!

Holiday Look-Danielle Holiday Look-Shoes

We absolutely love having a great accent shoe. Here Danielle wears leopard, but a great heel with some sparkle would work amazing as well.

Holiday Look-Jewelry

Hoping your Holidays are filled with Ho Ho Hos rather than No No Nos!

Want Danielle’s Look?

Blouse: Blu Pepper

Skirt: Sparkle and Fade from Urban Outfitters similar here New Look or ASOS

Shoes: Kelsi Dagger (website up soon!)

Necklace: Juicy Couture

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