WAiSTEDD Wednesdays: Lace Up

WAiSTEDD Wednesdays:Lace Up

We’re introducing a completely new concept to our blog! Each week, we will be featuring a segment called WAiSTEDD Wednesdays. These posts will highlight either a trend, designer or piece that we are absolutely WAiSTEDD on! We’d love to hear your feedback!

This week we are WAiSTEDD on lace up heels. We think these are a great way to add a definite edge to your outfit. You can  pair them with cropped jeans, a flared skirt or even shorts come spring and summer. If these seem like shoes you really like but wont get a lot of wear out of, we recommend the Windsor or the Zara. These brands are both affordable and yet are great quality.

If you really like these shoes and will wear them quite often, but don’t want to fork over thousands of dollars? The Schutz should be your pick. These shoes are an investment, averaging at around 200$ a piece, so pick a neutral color that you will be able to wear with a lot.

If you REALLY REALLY LOVE this style of shoe, we recommend the Giuseppe Zanotti. I mean, these are UNREAL. This is art ladies!

All of these shoes are beautiful! It simply depends on the investment that is right for your lifestyle!

Lace UP

Schutz leather lace up shoes


Giuseppe Zanotti shoes


Lace up pumps



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