Forward Thinking

Happy New Year everyone! Can you believe another year has passed?!? Time is surely flying. With the start of each new year, we each have the opportunity to reflect on the last year and look forward to either reconciling things in our past, or moving forward to accomplish new goals. From both of us, we wanted to wish you a year filled with love, joy, and blessings. Don’t be afraid to go big this year!

Okay blah blah blah… you have probably already heard this a million times! The important thing is.. new year, new fashion trends!! There are three fashion trends that we are absolutely loving for 2014: Athletic/Menswear, Plaid and Pastels.

Athletic/ Menswear

Tomboy chic! Pair with chunky accessories and heels for a feminine touch.

athletic wear


athletic streetwear


Private school girl glam! Okay not really, but we love plaid in every sense of the word. Ya heard?



streetstyle plaid


Reminiscent of your Sunday Easter outfits, but with edge. In order to avoid being to “cutesy” we recommend wearing pastels with edgier pieces, or darker colors such as the third picture below (taken during Paris fashion week- tres chic!)

pastels, cara


pastel street style

Share with us what trends you are looking forward to wearing this 2014 season! We would love to see your looks! Happy New Year!!


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