Appropriately Destroyed

During winter in California (especially since its been like 70) a sweater and skirt are a great way to dress for the season and the temperature-I mean look at our last posts. There are so many variations to this combo; mid-length or mini skirts with a tucked in or oversized sweater. To spice up this combo and make it your own, we say go for destroyed.



Destroyed is not a word we usually think about to describe anything but denim. What other pieces are “appropriately” destroyed? Sweaters. Lauren paired a destroyed sweater with a high waisted skirt to add some detail to this outfit. We are loving the back detail on this sweater because it makes it so versatile for multiple seasons and occasions, as well as shows off your back.



A “destroyed” sweater can also be paired with skinny jeans and caged booties, knee high boots, or booties. It’s a great piece to “make” the outfit or can accent fun shoes. Also, it’s a great day to night transition piece- just change your shoes, grab a clutch, and you are ready to go out on the town. Lauren added wedge booties to go with this outfit.



Now when you think about destroyed, don’t be afraid to get a little spicy and go for it! Remember that you can rock it.

Want Lauren’s Look?

Sweater: LF Stores (follow on instagram @LFSTORES)

Skirt: Kitsch Couture Boutique (follow on instagram @KITSCH_COUTURE)

Shoes: Dolce Vita


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