Sporty Spice

Hopefully the title of this post brings back memories of countless sleepovers with your girlfriends singing karaoke to 5 queens of pop, the Spice Girls. The Spice Girls were iconic, a 90’s legend. Not just because of their music, but because each woman represented somewhat of a style segment. Every girl and woman was able to identify and seek inspiration from one of the five women’s unique style.

If the title of this post wasn’t hint enough, our athletic fashion inspiration was taken from the queen of sporty chic herself, Mel C. Although we have since nixed the halter crop tops and Adidas sweatsuits, we are still utilizing some 90’s trends: i.e around the waist flannel or hoop earrings.

Danielle Medeiros from

Danielle Medeiros

Danielle Medeiros

It’s very important with athletic wear to pair it with feminine accessories. Danielle’s athletic wear is somewhat feminine in nature because it is a sweater dress- that is one of the reason’s she picked it! For an extra sexy touch, Danielle pairs an amazing pair of snakeskin Schutz lace-up sandals. You can also pair it with a silver statement necklace.

Another key to wearing athletic wear is to ensure you highlight your figure. Sometimes sport wear, because it is reminiscent of menswear, can be very bulky or shapeless. This is why Danielle chose to wrap the flannel around her waist. You can now see wear her hips are. This is especially important if you have curves!

Danielle Medeiros Danielle Medeiros Danielle Medeiros Danielle Medeiros

Lastly make sure you have fun with this trend! SPICE UP YOUR LIFE!

Want Danielle’s Look:

Sweater: Zara

Flannel: Vintage

Accessories: Ring: Michael Kors; Bracelets: Marc by Marc 

Shoes: Schutz


  1. Haha I used to have sleepovers and pretend to be the spice girls, except I was always baby spice. I’m really into the baggy and sporty look so its nice to find a way to make it chic


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