Shoes can be painful, but as women we suck it up and put on our highest heels to go out because they make us feel “sexy”. Have we ever thought why heels only make us feel this way? Why can’t other shoes give us the same empowerment?
We think we might have found the answer. Both comfortable, stylish, and easy to wear, slip-on sneakers are making a comeback in a big way, which is obviously why we are featuring them on WAiSTEDD Wednesday. First seen with the classic Vans (admit it you drew all over yours in high school too), slip on sneakers are possibly the easiest and most versatile shoe you can have in your closet. As they are gaining popularity, more and more versions on the slip on sneaker are appearing, making it easier to branch out and find a pair that you can kick it in.
Because these are such great shoes, it is up to you to decide what price range you are comfortable with or if a certain pair really “speaks” to you. If you are loving the gothic floral print and want to invest a little more into a high quality shoe, we suggest the Givenchy Skate Floral and Leather Print shoe. A great print multi-colored print on leather adds a little edge, but still is easy to pair. Do they remind you of a famous celebrity with the initials K.K.?
You can also find other prints and solids from brands such as Schutz, Steve Madden, and Sam Edelman. All within a similar price range, each brand offers a different take on the classic slip on. You can see the tongue shape of the shoe is different on each. Your preference might come down to which one aesthetically you like better, or which one is more comfortable. To counter the simple construction of these shoes, we suggest a loud print you can match with any outfit. Of course, one of our go tos is cheetah/leopard print because it basically can be called a neutral!
For any season, you can’t go wrong with slip-on sneakers!! Just really think which ones are the best fit for your closet. Let us know which ones you are completely WAiSTEDD on-we always are looking for a new pair!


Schutz sneaker

Steve Madden leopard shoes

Givenchy leather shoes


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