Cuff it Up

If you are like us, you haven’t missed an Awards Show red carpet in literally over a decade (Ok Ok sometimes we cheat and just look at E! online, but its all the same). One accessory that has been trending on the red carpet has been ear cuffs- these accessories can either give your outfit some edge, or provide you with an elegant feminine touch. What’s even better is that ear cuffs are not just for celebs- yes, you can rock them too! They are a simple upgrade to your daily accessories.

There are four key styles to ear cuffs that we love. The first is that of the chain look seen in the Zoe Chicco- this type of look is great for a t-shirt and jeans, its simple and chic and totally easy to wear. If you want something out of the ordinary, you would adore the snake ear cuff from Nasty Gal- its still sleek, but gives you an animalistic attribute (quite literally). If you’re not a huge fan of snakes they also have really amazing lions, rawr…

A personal favorite of ours is the Same Edelman ear cuff. It is simple yet edgy and would work perfectly in a simple chic outfit or for a edgy night out with your girlfriends- pair them with an all white body con skirt and a sleek white crop top. The last cuff is easily the most simple of the four and yet still screams DIVA (princess, really… ). If you can find a cuff like this in your price point, a fun look is to buy multiples and layer them up your ear. Alicia Keys did this on a red carpet last year and it looked amazing! We personally prefer the gold ear cuffs (as you may have assumed), but the jeweled silver ear cuffs are great for more formal events- maybe a work function or possibly a date night.

Our only caution with these great accessories is to find a style and color that works well with your hair and facial shape. Trust us when we say if you find the wrong one you may end up looking like some of those characters from Lord of the Rings… just try before you buy.

Happy Cuffing… (lol).

Cuff and Stuff

Snake jewelry

Zoe Chicco post earrings


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