Physical Education: Track Pants

It’s so easy to wake up in the morning and throw on yoga pants. We find ourselves wanting to do this ALL the time and we do fall victim to it more than we would like to admit… We also sometimes feel denim can get old, whether you can wear it to work or not. So what else can you do without being too business formal, but still putting your best foot forward. Well, we have found a GREAT pant that is just as comfortable as your yogis. Say hello to track pants!
This sporty piece can be worn in a variety of situations, work, dinner, weekend errands, you name it (PSO: we would not suggest wearing them to the gym despite their name). The material is elevated enough for you to wear them to work instead of slacks, but can also be dressed down depending on what they are paired with. These pants are the epitome of casual-chic. They offer a comfortable waistband to either tuck in a t-shirt or a blouse. Also, they are also super simple to match with wedges, heels, or sandals. We would suggest some sassy heels to really round out the outfit (see our Schutz shoes from previous posts).
The greatest thing about these pants is they will trim and lengthen your legs! Whether you gravitate toward the printed or solid colored pants, the ankle length makes them a perfect pant for Spring as the weather transitions.
These pants are all over the market right now so you can definitely find some that you feel comfortable in that are in your price point. We would love to hear which ones you find best as we are always looking to add new pieces into our wardrobe (Lauren just bought some from Nordstrom yay!!)
Track Pants
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