Summer Shade

We’ve all had those mornings where our alarm rang far too early after a night we stayed
out far too late. Reluctantly, we stumble to the bathroom glance over at ourselves in the mirror and are absolutely horrified with whatever is on top of our head- is that a freaking tumbleweed? How did that get on my head?!? Oh, god… That’s my own hair…….
Yes, ladies, we have all had our bad hair days. Luckily for us, a hot spring/ summer trend is fun and flirty hats! There are three types of hats we are currently WAiSTEDD on for the upcoming seasons: Floppy, Baseball and Fedoras.
Floppy hats are a great accessory upgrade to any outfit- personally we like a felt fabric, but when it gets unbearably hot you may want a straw hat for easy breathability. Pair these classic hats with a casual dress (t-shirt stripe dresses are is our current favorite) and booties for a great spring time look.
We’ve been raving about this whole sporty/athletic thing for quite some time and it won’t be stopping anytime soon! Vintage baseball hats are a perfect accessory for a sporty look. Wear the baseball hat with a bomber jacket, heels and fun bold jewelry for perfect day time wear.
Finally, we have the fedora. We’re not huge fans of the typical fedora- straw hat, funny fit, big band around the middle. One of the main reasons we dislike the typical fedora shape is that its not very flattering and we really only feel these are appropriate for the beach. This is why we love the modern take on the fedora- a little wider brim, different fabric and is much more versatile. Its a fun look to wear with shorts and gladiators.
So go on ladies, cover up your bad hair days with these super chic hats!
Spring Sun
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  1. I’m a sucker for a great floppy felt hat, but with the wind in San Francisco it tends to be hard to keep them on my head. I really like the fedora options you guys give. They might be more practical for me!


    1. Totally understand the crazy wind in SF… We sometimes have that in San Jose as well- the fedora is a little more feasible and prob won’t fly away as much! We’re loving those fedoras right now!


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