Bananas for Braids

Many of us were probably forced to wear braids as children- let’s be real they were the only hair style our moms could complete in a timely manner without us running off. Well ladies this childhood favorite is coming back in a whole new way. Say goodbye to the childish two braid look and say hello to these updated braids- we’re bananas for braids!
One reason we’re absolutely obsessing over braids for spring and summer is because there are so many ways to wear your hair in braids. Braids are so versatile- not just is so that you can wear them a million ways (up, down, side,crazy, whateva) but you can make them casual or sophisticated. If you want something more upscale you can wear a braid in a sleek up-do- such as Blake or Kim pictured below. Perfect for a formal, wedding or elegant family event.
For a more carefree look, we would go with a tousled side braid, a braid crown, or a loose braid with your hair down. These looks are perfect for an easy breezy look! More importantly, these looks are sooo easy- who can say no to a ten minute hair routine?!?! Many of these braids seem effortless and fun- almost as if you have been at the beach or poolside all day.
We love all the braid variations- you can’t go wrong with any of them regardless of what you’re wearing or who you are seeing. Pick your favorite and be sure to play around with it- have fun!
Are you all loving this trend as much as we are?!? Share with us below!
Bananas for Braids
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