From Geek to Chic

OK we can all admit we are on our phones, tablets, computers a little more than we would like to admit. They basically run our lives, but lets be real how can you not check Instagram like 30 times a day? So when you are looking down at whatever you use, it should express your individual style. We think tech accessories are one of the best ways to express yourself and your style, so we have a few suggestions we are loving below where you can leave your glasses on because you will have transformed from geek to chic (we both wear glasses we feel ya).
Headphones/Speakers: If you couldn’t tell from our Instagram (go check it out @_WAiSTEDD) Frends are the best (the colorful studded head to the left). Not only is the style fun but these are great quality and at a decent price. You can find them in black or white and different shapes. Aren’t sold on one? YOU CAN CHANGE THEM!! But actually you can change the outside ear piece to whatever you are feeling that day. Also, we are also loving bold color earbuds and headphones (by Urbanears) to differentiate yourself from all those other white earbuds out there….
Phone Cases: When it comes to your phone case, you have to chose one that shouts you and shows off your personality. Whether that is a pattern like the Johnathan Adler case below, or a picture, you can’t really go wrong. We like to pick bold colors and prints because its one piece that really doesn’t go out of style…so go for it! You will know when you find the right case. Take a look at your favorite retailers or look around Esty for some good finds.
Tablet/Laptop Cases: You have to have a case for your tablet and laptop so why not make it cute? Like phone cases, you should choose one that displays your personality and style. We suggest your favorite color or brand. Bright colors like the Miu Miu case top right or the Marc Jacobs laptop case in the bottom right are great choices and very practical because they actually will protect your laptop (surprising this day and age).
Tech Accessories


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