Asymmetry, WAiSTEDDWhat a week it has been! Isn’t it funny how certain weeks can just fly while others seem never ending? The fun ones unfortunately are the ones that always go too quickly. Both of us had such a great week – literally we blinked and it’s already Sunday. Lauren celebrated her 23rd birthday last weekend along the coast and Danielle is returning from Stagecoach (country version of Coachella). We both had such an incredible week, it’s hard to believe its coming to an end!

Anyways- the topic we are discussing for this week is asymmetry- it’s a trend we are absolutely loving right now. Asymmetrical pieces are great to play with in an outfit and really can highlight your shape in different ways. Here, Danielle is wearing an asymmetrical skirt which hugs her curves in all the right places; paired with a body-con strapless top and a moto-jacket (LOVE THIS JACKET BTW) Danielle showcases the curves.  The slit hits above the knee, which is perfect for Danielle’s shorter frame… And we’re always for some Angelina Jolie slit action (um, we wish… Angie girl teach us your ways).

If you’re going out pair the skirt with some simple black heels, or if you’re like Danielle and love to be comfy wearing wedges or sneakers. If you’re in the thick of summer and want something simpler, pair an asymmetrical skirt with a body-con top, unique belt and and pair of simple sandals.

Asymmetrical pieces are EVERYWHERE right now- dresses, skirts, flowy shirts- how perfect are each of these pieces for summer?!?! Especially when you want something easy and breezy when you’re sweating up a storm. If you have a petite body type, make sure the flowy shirt or skirt isn’t all encompassing of your body, you’ll feel lost in it (no, seriously we call it the balloon effect). Try something more form fitting- you’ll actually be wearing clothes rather than swimming in them.


Asymmetry, WAiSTEDD

Asymmetry, WAiSTEDD

Asymmetry, WAiSTEDD

Asymmetry, WAiSTEDD

Asymmetry, WAiSTEDD

Asymmetry, WAiSTEDD

Asymmetry, WAiSTEDD

Asymmetry, WAiSTEDD


Side note: SERIOUSLY how cute is this necklace Lauren got me for my birthday?!? It’s from a vendor on Etsy called Layered and Long- Lauren had it engraved with W159- which stands for WAiSTEDD & our favorite numbers. She’s the best!!!!

xox- Danielle

Asymmetry, WAiSTEDD

Asymmetry, WAiSTEDD

Asymmetry, WAiSTEDD


Happy Sunday everyone!! We hope you find some asymmetrical pieces to rock this spring and summer!


Want Danielle’s Look?

Skirt: Sparkle and Fade via Urban Outfitters- Similar here

Jacket: Wilfred via Aritzia 

Shoes: Steve Madden- Similar here

Necklace: Layered and Long via Etsy (you HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE check them out!!)

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