Nailed It

Are you guys as obsessed with painting your nails as we are? For us, it just gives us an instant upgrade, no matter what we are wearing- plus, it makes our man hands much more appealing to look at which is always an added bonus, lol.

Lately, we’ve been really obsessing over white nails. Especially considering that the warmer weather will hopefully bring warmer skin tones- the white will certainly pop. We love pairing white nails with rings- either silver or gold. It’s WHITE HOT. Like every other female in the world, spring automatically reminds us of pastels. This season we love pastel purples or blues. Yellow is another great color for summer which we didn’t have room to picture below! Finally, as always, we lovvee metallic. Regardless of the season or what is “on trend”, metallics are a great go to color because they match with everything! If you’re talented (unfortunately we’re not), try adding a metallic stripe on your nails for a great touch!

Well… now we’re off to paint our nails one of these lovely colors…. Happy painting ladies!

Nailed It

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