Summer Skorts

IT IS FINALLY SUMMER! For us that means shorts, maxis, skirts, and dresses. Oh and we discovered one more to add to your wardrobe- skorts. Such a weird idea combining a skirt and a short, but when you wear them and see what they do for your legs, you will understand why we are WAiSTEDD on them this week.
Just like shorts or skirts, they come in a variety of styles and colors. Finding what flatters your body best is key. To flaunt your long legs, we suggest the slit skort (top left corner). If maybe you want a little help lengthening your legs, we suggest the pointed skorts (bottom left corner). The rest is up to you! Whether you want to be a little more adventurous and try a print, or stick to something more basic that will transition from season to season like a solid, both are good choices.
Finding a skort you like is one step, but making sure it fits properly is another. Just like shorts and skirts, there are some things you need to be careful of when picking a skort:
1. Shorts must be long enough in the back!! We have all seen booty shorts, let’s not make it a booty skort.
2. Make sure you are happy with the appearance of the skort when you sit. Since the openings vary, it is important to be conscious of what you are comfortable with before the price tags are off.
3. You must love the material. All the skorts below are made of different materials-neoprene, cotton, linen, spandex- and because of this, they will fit differently, wash differently, and hug your curves differently.
Now that you know the ins and outs of skorts we hope you go try one on and let us know what you think! Happy Shopping!
Summer Skorts

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