Easy Espadrilles

Espadrilles are the absolute perfect warm weather shoe and we’re totally #WAiSTEDD on them! Espadrilles look great with all your summer pieces-  skirts, shorts, overalls or a crisp white pair of capris. You really can’t go wrong with these chic and comfortable shoes- whether you’re spending the day at the beach, drinks with the girls, or even a day traveling, these will be your go-to shoes! Because espadrilles are so incredibly popular right now, there are so many variations, styles and colors so you will have a plethora of choices! More importantly, you can find very affordable pairs which means you can buy lots to match with every piece of your summer wardrobe!

We picked 3 key shades of espadrilles that we love- 1. monochrome 2. bright blue 3. leopard. These colors are great because they are versatile- even the blue can be fully utilized with so much in your closet (grey, yellow, black, red.. the list goes on…). Again, there are loads of different styles of espadrilles- we love them all. Wedges, flats, lace, denim- all are great! Our absolutely favorite pictured below have to be the Chanel (black and white, or middle blue pair)- literally every blogger has a pair of these and we want to join the club- one day, one day. How amazing are they?!?

Hope you all are loving these espadrilles as much as we are!! Happy shopping!

Easy Espadrilles


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