Graphics Tees in the Summer Breeze

During summer, we are all going a million miles a minute trying to get to the farmer markets, pool parties, and BBQs. So you need an easy outfit to transition from activity to activity. While we know there are MANY different outfit choices you can choose from, one of our recent loves are a graphic tee and a skort. We love this look because it has a little edge to it, but at the same time is totally appropriate for any event you may need to jump to. Here are the great parts about it:




1. You get to pick the graphic on your graphic tee- whether you are into a hamsa sign, or possible a palm tree, your graphic tee can be flirty and fun to define the mood you are in. You can also go with great pops of color. Almost every retailer sells fun summer graphic tees so you’ll have no problem finding one!



2. The skort- it’s not a short, it’s not a skirt, it’s a skort. It transitions easily if you want and is in the middle between casual and sophisticated. Plus it isn’t restricting like a skirt so you can sit on the lawn and enjoy the sun if need be.



3. Jewelry-you can keep it simple and let the shirt and shoes do the talking. Lauren went for simple gold jewelry to accent the edge of the graphic tee (studded bracelet). Or you can accent the shirt with some fun pops of color!



 4. Transition-you can easily throw on a jean jacket or a blazer to take this outfit from night to day. No need to go back home and change!

 Let us know your favorite summer looks and how you make them work with your busy weekends! Enjoy your graphic tees in the warm summer breeze.


Lauren’s Look:

Shirt- Aritzia (on sale now!)

Skort- Aritzia

Shoes- Steve Madden via Nordstrom

Bangles- Kate Spade (gold bangle), Nordstrom (studded bangle)


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  1. I love graphic tees too!! 😀 You look beautiful ❤ and I especially love your bracelet


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