Coastal Cover-Ups

It’s almost the first day of Summer (June 21st!!) and we are sure many of you have not hesitated to show off your cute bikini in this hot weather. 100+ degrees in CA basically means all you can wear is a swimsuit and cover-up! We all know picking out a swimsuit can be a bit of a task, especially when there are so many styles, cuts, and colors to choose from, but the one staple that goes with all your suits is your trusty cover-up.
The cover-up has so many purposes which as you can guess is why we are #WAiSTEDD on them this week! So let’s get to it-
First, they cover your body from the sun for the short time you are walking to the beach/pool and are so easy to take off and store while you are in the water/tanning. Duh.
Second, they are like a security blanket. You can wear one over your suit when going to a pool party to “test out the waters”. What we mean is you never know how people are going to dress when they are at a pool party (you would think in a swimsuit, but these days you can never be too sure). So your cover-up can double as a dress if no one is flaunting their bikini bods at the party.
Third, they are such fun pieces that match back to any and all of your suits. You can have as many cover-ups as you want, but you can totally get thru a season with only one!
So let’s talk about your options. You can opt for a solid color cover-up or go for a print. Don’t feel the need to match your swimsuit colors to the cover-up print. It’s summertime, let loose and be playful! We think the more fun you have with the combo the better! If you aren’t feeling so dangerous, opt for a solid color-your safest bets are white and black, plus these are probably the easiest colors to find.
All cover-ups come in a variety of styles from a tank dress to a “jacket” (bottom left corner). What you want from your cover-up really depends on what style you choose. If you like to tan a little in the coverup and double it as a dress, we suggest a tank style. If you are all about making a statement at the pool and showing off your bikini bod, we say go for the tie-front jacket. Cover-ups are known for having longer sleeves (they are for covering you up from the sun), but this doesn’t mean sleeveless or short-sleeves don’t qualify. As you probably know from all the advice we have given, you need to be comfortable in what you wear! Pick the color/style you like the most and think will get the most use out of!
Below are a few options we are #WAiSTEDD on! We suggest looking for cover-ups at Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Victoria’s Secret, and H&M. You’ll be sure to find something good! And if you do, let us know!! Swimsuit Coverups

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