Summer Florals

We can all appreciate a good print, and summer is the perfect time to show it off. Floral prints in particular have been popping up all over stores due to their whimsical and effortless nature. This is why we decided to feature them on this WAiSTEDD Wednesday.
Floral prints are found on everything and anything, not just maxi dresses. You can find shirts, shorts, rompers, pants, skirts, bag, etc etc. in floral prints this 2014 Summer season. When figuring out what is best for you, we suggest picking a piece that you feel comfortable wearing. Sometimes a loud print needs a bold attitude, so if you are going to be self-conscious in it, opt for a subtle pastel print. Also, if you are a little hesitant about a bold print, remember that you can match it back to a basic (white tee shirt or black tank top) to balance the outfit. Pair any outfit with a pair of neutral shoes, or a color that brings out one of the colors in your outfit for a little extra pop.
Throwing on a simple floral printed maxi dress (as seen in the pictures below) is a simple way to piece together a stunning outfit. Just throw on a denim jacket or sweater, and you are ready for a day to night look.
Summer is a time to have fun. Let your hair down and try out a floral print. We promise you will make such a statement and get so many compliments, as well as have a fun time wearing something a little sassy.
Summer Florals

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