Mirror, Mirror

We are totally Sunglasses hoarders- literally we have way too many, but we can’t stop ourselves from getting more. They are such a fun accessory that truly can complete your outfit.  We love experimenting with all sorts of lenses and frames and we’re always looking for new brands. Therefore, naturally, we’re totally WAiSTEDD on the mirrored sunglasses trend. They are absolutely perfect for Summer- so fun and fresh for any day at the beach or the pool!
One of our favorite aspects of the mirrored sunnies is that they come in so many bright colors and y’all know we love our bold brights. Summer is the absolute perfect season to wear brighter frames- they will compliment that tan skin! If you really want a fun shape- go with a vintage cat eye or the heart shaped round ones. If you think you’ll wear these glasses in Spring or Fall, we would recommend going with a more classic shape, such as the Ray Ban aviators (pictured in the middle, second row). Really, it all depends on what looks best for you face shape and truly what you are looking for in your glasses! But truly we are believers you can’t go wrong with any mirrored pair, especially our picks below. We’re absolutely WAiSTEDD on these great sunglasses!!!
Happy Shopping all! Find yourself some great mirrored sunnies just in time for the warmer weather!
Mirror, Mirror

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  1. I like the mirrored sunglasses trend, but I never felt like I could pull it off! Which is why i probably keep buying the same style (the wayfarer) from various brands and in different colors…great post!


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