Fourth of July

Did you all watch the World Cup yesterday?!?! So sad they lost, but what an incredible performance! Nothing like a stellar USA game to put us in the perfect patriotic mood for the Fourth! Do you guys have any fun plans??? We both are taking it easy and taking the long weekend to spend with family and close friends.
The Fourth is always a hard holiday for us to dress for- you want to look super cute (maybe for that Summer Love?!?) but not too cutesy/ cheap. For that reason, we recommend pieces that you can continue to wear throughout the year without looking cray cray. The sweaters are perfect (left) with a pair of white jeans or shorts when you’re watching fireworks and still will look cute in the fall. The same for the skirts- these are perfect to wear for a pool party or bbq. Pair any of this skirts with chambray or a white blouse in the spring for a fresh look. The bikinis are perfect for any summer occasion and we love to mix and match our bikinis- its fun and gives you a new look each time.
Fourth of July!
Have a fun & safe holiday everyone! Remember why we celebrate this special day- we are so beyond thankful and grateful.

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