How Splendid…

Summer is all about being easy breezy. One of the brands that we are WAiSTEDD on this week is Splendid just for that reason- it is easy breezy. This brand literally offers every type of clothing you could ever want and is made of some of the best material we have found!
A little history-Splendid’s mission is to supply women with the ultimate t-shirt. One that was effortlessly chic, durable, but made of soft material. And let us tell you- they NAILED IT! Whether it is a t-shirt or a dress, all their pieces are extremely soft to the touch, but do not show any signs of wear no matter how many times you wear them! Lauren wears her Splendid t-shirts at least once a week. And not only did they nail t-shirts, but every other type of clothing too. Their chambray shorts this season are to die for, and surprisingly just as soft as their cotton ts. Also, their ruched dresses flatter any body type, plus they come in such fun colors.
The brand is carried in a lot of major retailers like Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack (some good finds!), Bloomingdales, and Piperlime, plus they have their own site @ Go check it out and start understanding how Splendid this brand really is!
How Splendid...

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