Running for Roshes

Happy WAiSTEDD Wednesday y’all!!! Or better yet, happy hump day! We’re officially half way through the week! If you have been reading our posts lately/ following us on Instagram, you might be catching onto the fact that we have been on quite the health kick. One thing that always keeps us motivated to work out is having really cute work out clothes. We love having great athletic wear and it all starts with our shoes!!
Both of us have really been eyeing these Nike Roshe Run Sneakers- we love all the great patterns and colors they come in. Even if you like a black sneaker- they have great prints that spice up your typical black shoe. One of the best things about these fab Nikes is that they are not just workout shoes. You could wear these to workout and later wear them for a fun day out with friends. Not to mention these could be such a great pair of travel shoes.
Needless to say, we’re totally WAiSTEDD on these kicks!! Check out this Etsy shop for Roshe customization (super sick!!): NYCustoms – search Roshes on the Etsy website for even more!! These are the perfect shoes for a killer workout or day of walking (shopping??)!Running for Roshes

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