Hot Mesh

Both of us have really been into sporty femininity lately. Whether it’s because both of us are obsessed with Rihanna or Beyonce, who both wear mesh quite frequently (um hi ON THE RUN: LOVE IT.) or simply because we are nostalgic for some sporty spice. Regardless, mesh done right is so amazing (done wrong its totally a Madonna music video gone sour).
We love mesh as a great shirt dress or crop top. Even better is to pair simple feminine pieces (white button down, chambray, or even lace shorts) with mesh accessories or jacket. The mesh pieces below are sexy and sport yet they do not look costume like. Go for classic and edgy rather than over the top- you don’t want to look like a joke. The texture is absolutely key- definitely try these pieces on before you buy them and make sure you have some classic pieces to wear them with. When in doubt, we absolutely look to our favorite celebs for inspiration.
We’re totally WAiSTEDD on great mesh pieces. We hope your Wednesday is full of hot mesh and isn’t a hot mess! Teehee, have a great week everyone!
Hot Mesh



  1. Hey lovely,
    I have nominated your blog for the ‘liebster awards’ ,
    check out my latest post for my entry and for details 🙂

    instagram @thatstylefox


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