As some of you might know from our Instagram (@_WAiSTEDD), I visited Seattle last week for a quick little get-away. Danielle and I both love to travel and when we can’t get away to some of our favorite spots/bucket list places (Italy, Caribbean, Bali, Croatia…the list goes on and on) we think taking little trips around the area can be just as adventurous and fun!


A few family and friends suggested I visit Seattle. Before I went, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I had only heard about Pike’s Market and the cloudy weather. To my surprise, Seattle has SO much more to offer! The first great thing about it was the weather. I am not complaining about the weather in California, but sometimes 80 degrees in October can be a little much. There hasn’t been a transition to Fall yet, so visiting a place where it was a little cooler with fall colors was a great change of pace. Everywhere we went there was beautiful nature- so different than what we see in the Bay Area!

IMG_0098 IMG_0112

IMG_0200 As lame as this may sound, the tourist attractions in Seattle were totally fun! The most famous, Seattle Space Needle gave a great view of the city and was a short ride to the top. You can sit up there and have a drink (wine, beer etc) and sit at a table. Since the top rotates (at a slow pace don’t worry!) you can see the whole 360 view. There also is the Pike’s Place Market, which has an amazing assortment of fresh fish, vegetables, and fruit. It also has a beautiful selection of flowers! I also saw breathtaking flowers at the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum (in the fourth picture below). There were massive pieces of beautifully crafted glass of all types of colors and shapes. Chihuly’s (the artist) artwork is all over the world- we even have some in Downtown San Jose. Lastly, the Experience Music Project (EMP Museum) was SO FUN! It has exhibits on horror films (appropriate for Halloween), fantasy (Harry Potter, Game of Thrones), Jimi Hendrix, and pop culture (including BEYONCE!). It was really refreshing and a museum people of all ages could enjoy!






Besides the tourist attractions, Seattle is full of quirky neighborhoods full of great places to eat and eclectic boutiques. I went to so many Happy Hours with local wine (which was very good!) and fresh ingredients. Almost all the restaurants had gluten free and vegan options which was refreshing and interesting to try. And of course the coffee was AMAZZINNGGGG. I had too many cups each day (not sorry). To go along with the coffee, Top Pot Doughnuts did not disappoint, nor did the many bakeries!

  IMG_0139         IMG_0261

If you are looking for a quick trip, I would definitely suggest Seattle. It is a great city to explore, and did I mention, the flagship Nordstrom is there? Enough said…

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