Baby Got Back

It’s no secret that 2014 was the Year of the Booty- from J.Lo and Kim K. to Nicki and Beyonce, this year everyone was screaming baby got back! We’re sharing some of our favorite Booty exercises that you can do in your living room (although these pictures were taken outside for the benefit of lighting) in a half hour.We both are always on the go- like many of our readers. It is sometimes incredibly hard to fit a workout in. With this simple, weightless exercises your booty will be in shape in no time.

Regular Squat

Make sure you are sitting backwards and your back is straight.

Check point: knees & shins should be parallel- check to see you can see your toes.

Baby Got Back, WAiSTEDD

Opposite Extensions

Extend left leg & right arm and then release. Proceed with opposite next (right leg, left arm)

Check point: Keep abs in tight and head up
Baby Got Back, WAiSTEDD

Single Leg Squat 

Bend one leg in squat position and extend other as seen below

Check Point: Don’t over extend front leg, keep back straight

Baby Got Back, WAiSTEDD Baby Got Back, WAiSTEDD











































Simple Lunge

Check point: Knee should never be over front toe. Keep Parallel to ground
Baby Got Back, WAiSTEDD

Working out is always easier when you have a friend to keep you motivated!

Baby Got Back, WAiSTEDD

Baby Got Back, WAiSTEDD

Other exercises: Burpees, Hip Raises, Squat Kickbacks

Best Booty Playlist:

Left, Right: YG// AYO: Chris Brown & Tyga// Practice: Drake// Only: Nicki Minaj etc.// a$$: Big Sean// Baby Got Back: Sir Mix a Lot//Up Down: T-pain// Otis: Jay-Z & Kanye// Feeling Myself: Nicki & Beyonce// Flawless Remix: Beyonce// Beg For it: Iggy// Diva: Beyonce// Rihanna: Pour it up


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