White Jacket

Hi Everyone!! I want to share this great jacket I found at Banana Republic. I usually am not one to go for white, but I am in love with this jacket for summer! It is a combo of a blazer and moto jacket, so you can dress it up for work or dress it down for dinner, like I did. The details are understated so wear this jacket with your favorite jewelry to add color. I wore a bright top to complement the white…why not wear bright bold colors during this nice warm weather?

What do you think about this jacket? What would you wear it with?


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Happy Saturday Everyone!!

We are so happy it’s finally the weekend, and nothing is better to kick it off than with the warm California sun! Recently it hasn’t been that warm around here, so I decided to embrace it and wear my new favorite maxi dress from Anthropologie. I wore this dress to a graduation party a few weeks ago and am planning to wear it to a bridal shower in the upcoming months (hopefully it’s warm!). It is such an easy summer dress with great bright colors and fun asymmetry! I really can’t get enough of the embroidery!

Do you guys have any fun plans this weekend? My weekends recently have been filled with watching the World Cup (USA! USA!) and laying out by the pool, but this weekend I am hoping to try out some new food spots/revisit some of my favorites. I have been craving some Aqui’s (if you live in the Bay Area GO TRY IT!) and want to try a new sushi place. I also am going to hit up the local farmers market for my favorite mango/peach fusion fruit- soooo yummy!!! I had never heard of such a thing before and now need to go back for more! It is also where I get flowers and some really great (strong) coffee. I love supporting the local farmers and learning about new foods/recipes while I am there!









We hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Let us know what you are up to. We would love to hear!

xo: Lauren

Lauren’s Look:

Dress: Anthropologie (on sale now!)

Shoes: Vince Camuto wedges via Nordstrom

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Nailed It

Are you guys as obsessed with painting your nails as we are? For us, it just gives us an instant upgrade, no matter what we are wearing- plus, it makes our man hands much more appealing to look at which is always an added bonus, lol.

Lately, we’ve been really obsessing over white nails. Especially considering that the warmer weather will hopefully bring warmer skin tones- the white will certainly pop. We love pairing white nails with rings- either silver or gold. It’s WHITE HOT. Like every other female in the world, spring automatically reminds us of pastels. This season we love pastel purples or blues. Yellow is another great color for summer which we didn’t have room to picture below! Finally, as always, we lovvee metallic. Regardless of the season or what is “on trend”, metallics are a great go to color because they match with everything! If you’re talented (unfortunately we’re not), try adding a metallic stripe on your nails for a great touch!

Well… now we’re off to paint our nails one of these lovely colors…. Happy painting ladies!

Nailed It

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Orange is the New Black

Okay let’s be real, black will always be the new black. Always. But every once in a while, its necessary to mix it up- bright colors are such a fun transition into spring and summer. One color that we are absolutely loving right now is a beautiful orange color- it is such a refreshing color to add to your wardrobe. It will truly brighten so many of your outfits. You can incorporate a bright color, such as orange, into your every day work attire or spice it up for a night out- we always love versatility!

This is why, for us, Orange is the new Black (Not to be confused with the very popular Netflix series or any creepy Halloween outfit inspiration). One thing we love orange is that there are many variations of the color – you are able to go with a very bright, almost neon or a more muted creamsicle color. Personally, we love a lighter color orange because its easier to incorporate into your wardrobe. Danielle pairs her orange blouse with denim jeans, but this color would go well with white jeans or even printed pants. When summer comes around, we love to mix brighter, unexpected colors. For example, we would love to pair this orange blouse with that turquoise skort Danielle wore in our Bold x Bright post a few months ago. When mixing bright colors together, make sure one color is more muted (ie. lighter pants & neon blouse or vice versa) so the look ends up looking unique rather than goofy and way over the top.

Danielle Medeiros, WAiSTEDD

When wearing brighter colors, we like to wear simple jewelry and accessories because the color should be the focus of the outfit. Danielle pairs the orange with gold jewelry and neutral snakeskin heels. For a more casual outfit pair it with a pair of pointed ankle boots. If you’re not a hoops fan (what’s wrong with you…jkkk) go for gold studs and a few simple layered necklaces.

Danielle Medeiros, WAiSTEDD


Danielle Medeiros, WAiSTEDD

Danielle Medeiros, WAiSTEDD

Because this blouse is flowy and layered it is important that the pants/ bottom you wear with this must be tighter and fitted- especially if you have a curvier figure. The tighter bottom piece anchors the outfit so you don’t feel like you’re swimming in your clothes or look boxy. You never want to lose your shape in an outfit- fit is so incredibly important!!

Danielle Medeiros, WAiSTEDD

Danielle Medeiros, WAiSTEDD

Layers on the wrist go with the layers in the blouse- mixing gold and color is always a great accessory addition.

Danielle Medeiros, WAiSTEDD

Danielle Medeiros, WAiSTEDD

Danielle Medeiros, WAiSTEDD

Danielle Medeiros, WAiSTEDD


Danielle Medeiros, WAiSTEDD


Well that’s it everyone! Orange you glad we posted this?!? Teehee ignore our horrible jokes and enjoy the weekend 🙂

Want Danielle’s Look?

Blouse: BCBG

Jeans: Mother 

Heels: Schutz 

Accessories: Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, H&M


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Perfectly Prep

Tennis courts, stripes, polos, and skorts- basically what comes to our mind when we think of the word preppy. This word has become so much more than country clubs and golf courses; it has become a way to define style. We all have a little preppy in us-it’s just finding the right way to bring it out. Whether you are Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, or Regina George from Mean Girls, everyone’s closet has preppy pieces waiting to be tied together to become perfectly prep!

We love this twist on the classic polo shirt, crew neck sweater and ballet flats. Adding pops of the unexpected really pull this outfit together. Would you think bright pink, cheetah, and a gold chain would ever equal preppy? We wouldn’t, but that is what makes this outfit!

Lauren opted for the brightest color in her closet to contrast with the white polo. We are LOVINGGG bright and bold colors as the weather transitions from Winter to Spring (sorry everywhere with a real winter- it feels like summer to us!) She also went for a fun print flat to contrast the bold sweater. If printed flats aren’t your cup of tea, a nude flat would look great with this outfit as well.






Not sure about jewelry? Put on whatever you want (we fully support this statement)!! Chunky gold chain to simple pendant, it will all work with the simplicity of the outfit.




Now go grab your tennis racket or golf clubs (unknown fact: we are really really really good tennis players), POP YOUR COLLAR, and get your preppy style on!!

Want Lauren’s Look:

Jeans: Joes Jeans via Hautelook

Polo Shirt: Gap

Sweater: Gap

Shoes: Steve Madden

Bracelet: Kate Spade

Chain: Forever21

Sunglasses: Kate Spade

Bold x Bright

We have had some pretty unbelievable weather in California this past week- I mean 75 degrees in January… is the universe confused on its seasons or did we miss Winter? Our condolences to those of you struggling in snow boots and North Face- good for you really because us California girls are just not cut out for that. Anyways, for the time being, we are so grateful for the beautiful weather. And of course beautiful weather always means beautiful bold colors.

When wearing brighter colors women always worry about two things: 1. I wont look good in that color or 2. It’s simply not appropriate for the season.

UMMMM seriously you’re WRONG. Here’s why: On the topic of picking brighter colors that compliment your skin tone- yes, we will acknowledge not every color looks incredible on everyone but we assure you, you will find a bright color that you CAN wear. The hardest part about a bold piece is that you are going to make a statement- do not shy away from this! You have an opportunity to stand out and truly express yourself through your clothing. Once you find a color you enjoy, the best accessory you can pair it with in confidence (cliche yes, but ohhh so true).

The same can be said for wearing bolder pieces for colder seasons- every women in the fall or winter always looks for black, grey, navy and oh gosh if they are daring they just may wear burgundy. Pair a brighter piece with a neutral as Danielle did here- it doesn’t look overwhelming and still looks carefree and chic. Obviously if it is snowing where you are shorts are probably not fun. We would recommend a bright pair of pants with layering or simply a brighter coat.

Danielle Medeiros, WAiSTEDD

Danielle Medeiros, WAiSTEDD

Here, Danielle pairs two bright pieces: sunglasses and skort with neutral accents: jean jacket (vintage by the way- so cool right?) and shoes. The sweater really brings the outfit together and makes it cohesive.

Danielle Medeiros, WaisteddDanielle Medeiros, WAiSTEDD

Danielle Medeiros, WAiSTEDD

Danielle Medeiros, WAiSTEDD

Danielle Medeiros, WAiSTEDDDanielle Medeiros, WAiSTEDD

In our hearts we believe any great outfit is not complete without a pair of killer shoes. We are seriously obsessing over these snakeskin heels from Kelsi Dagger. We’re totally in love with this brand!!!

Bold, Bright colors are meant to be fun and bring liveliness to your outfit. Remember to be confident and own it! Share with us your favorite bright pieces!

Be Bold, Be Beautiful, BE YOU!

Want Danielle’s Look:

Sunglasses: Similar here: Nordstrom BP

Jean Jacket: Vintage Levi’s

Sweater: Nation LTD via Piperlime 

Skort: Zara 

Shoes: Kelsi Dagger  Website up soon. Available also on Urban Outfitters (check Amazon as well!)


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