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Distressed Denim Skirts

Lately, we’ve seen so many celebrities rocking mid length distressed denim skirts- Kim K, Kylie J. and Jessica Alba just to name a few. Have to admit, at first we were skeptical, but they have grown on us! We’re totally WAiSTEDD on distressed denim skirts!
Our picks below are absolutely inspiration pieces (WAY over our budgets, but hey we can dream right?). We found some other great distressed denim on ASOS, Zara, Boohoo and Forever 21 that are much more in our price range.
Do you all like the distressed denim trend? Let us know below!
Distressed Denim Skirts

Easy Espadrilles

Espadrilles are the absolute perfect warm weather shoe and we’re totally #WAiSTEDD on them! Espadrilles look great with all your summer pieces-  skirts, shorts, overalls or a crisp white pair of capris. You really can’t go wrong with these chic and comfortable shoes- whether you’re spending the day at the beach, drinks with the girls, or even a day traveling, these will be your go-to shoes! Because espadrilles are so incredibly popular right now, there are so many variations, styles and colors so you will have a plethora of choices! More importantly, you can find very affordable pairs which means you can buy lots to match with every piece of your summer wardrobe!

We picked 3 key shades of espadrilles that we love- 1. monochrome 2. bright blue 3. leopard. These colors are great because they are versatile- even the blue can be fully utilized with so much in your closet (grey, yellow, black, red.. the list goes on…). Again, there are loads of different styles of espadrilles- we love them all. Wedges, flats, lace, denim- all are great! Our absolutely favorite pictured below have to be the Chanel (black and white, or middle blue pair)- literally every blogger has a pair of these and we want to join the club- one day, one day. How amazing are they?!?

Hope you all are loving these espadrilles as much as we are!! Happy shopping!

Easy Espadrilles


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Summer Shade

We’ve all had those mornings where our alarm rang far too early after a night we stayed
out far too late. Reluctantly, we stumble to the bathroom glance over at ourselves in the mirror and are absolutely horrified with whatever is on top of our head- is that a freaking tumbleweed? How did that get on my head?!? Oh, god… That’s my own hair…….
Yes, ladies, we have all had our bad hair days. Luckily for us, a hot spring/ summer trend is fun and flirty hats! There are three types of hats we are currently WAiSTEDD on for the upcoming seasons: Floppy, Baseball and Fedoras.
Floppy hats are a great accessory upgrade to any outfit- personally we like a felt fabric, but when it gets unbearably hot you may want a straw hat for easy breathability. Pair these classic hats with a casual dress (t-shirt stripe dresses are is our current favorite) and booties for a great spring time look.
We’ve been raving about this whole sporty/athletic thing for quite some time and it won’t be stopping anytime soon! Vintage baseball hats are a perfect accessory for a sporty look. Wear the baseball hat with a bomber jacket, heels and fun bold jewelry for perfect day time wear.
Finally, we have the fedora. We’re not huge fans of the typical fedora- straw hat, funny fit, big band around the middle. One of the main reasons we dislike the typical fedora shape is that its not very flattering and we really only feel these are appropriate for the beach. This is why we love the modern take on the fedora- a little wider brim, different fabric and is much more versatile. Its a fun look to wear with shorts and gladiators.
So go on ladies, cover up your bad hair days with these super chic hats!
Spring Sun
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Physical Education: Track Pants

It’s so easy to wake up in the morning and throw on yoga pants. We find ourselves wanting to do this ALL the time and we do fall victim to it more than we would like to admit… We also sometimes feel denim can get old, whether you can wear it to work or not. So what else can you do without being too business formal, but still putting your best foot forward. Well, we have found a GREAT pant that is just as comfortable as your yogis. Say hello to track pants!
This sporty piece can be worn in a variety of situations, work, dinner, weekend errands, you name it (PSO: we would not suggest wearing them to the gym despite their name). The material is elevated enough for you to wear them to work instead of slacks, but can also be dressed down depending on what they are paired with. These pants are the epitome of casual-chic. They offer a comfortable waistband to either tuck in a t-shirt or a blouse. Also, they are also super simple to match with wedges, heels, or sandals. We would suggest some sassy heels to really round out the outfit (see our Schutz shoes from previous posts).
The greatest thing about these pants is they will trim and lengthen your legs! Whether you gravitate toward the printed or solid colored pants, the ankle length makes them a perfect pant for Spring as the weather transitions.
These pants are all over the market right now so you can definitely find some that you feel comfortable in that are in your price point. We would love to hear which ones you find best as we are always looking to add new pieces into our wardrobe (Lauren just bought some from Nordstrom yay!!)
Track Pants
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Bomber Jackets

This WAiSTEDD Wednesday we are featuring one of the many styles influenced from our country’s servicemen-bomber jacket. These jackets are having a huge fashion moment and are a great addition for the sportswear trend. Going back to James Dean and Tom Cruise, bomber jackets have evolved over the years and now they are revamped and ready to rock.

The great thing about bomber jackets is their variation. You can find them in any color, material, and combo you want. Whether you want to stick with the basic black and white, or venture further into fur, you will be satisfied. For example, if you are looking to add some fur to your closet, the black Dorothy Perkins bomber jacket is your piece. At a great price point, you will be able to dress this jacket up or down depending on what you want. We would suggest pairing it with slip-on sneakers and some boyfriend skinnies for a casual Saturday look.

If you are looking for a staple, the J.Crew or French Connection jackets are perfect. In line with the black and white trend we are seeing continue through winter, these jackets vary with texture and prints. The J.Crew bomber is a classic front zip, while the French Connection plays with asymmetry. The color-blocking and side zip make this a great option for nights out and even the office. We suggest pairing it with ankle length trousers and your favorite heels for a dressy look.

Similar to the J.Crew classic, this Rag&Bone bomber jacket has great shape and contrast. This jacket is a street style staple right now. It incorporates all the aspects of a true military jacket-banded contrasting trim, large pockets, slim fit. Despite being pricey, this is definitely an “investment piece” (that’s how we like to justify expensive purchases). But really, you will have this jacket in your closet forever and we guarantee you will keep going back to this classic.

Bomber Jackets

French Connection colorblock jacket
$180 – houseoffraser.co.uk