We usually see marble stone on countertops in kitchens and bathrooms and don’t think twice about it (unless you are remodeling your house of course). But when interior decorating and fashion collide we are blessed with an amazing print: MARBLE! This week we are totally WAiSTEDD on marble print for accessories, jewelry, handbags, and apparel!
Bold, sophisticated, and delicate, this print is a great add for your Spring wardrobe. This neutral print can add a pop to any outfit, without overpowering. We think this print looks great next to any color, so it is a seamless add for your wardrobe.
If you aren’t ready to commit to this print, try it out on your nails first! Fashion blogger Aimee Song showed us on Instagram how trendy this print can be as nail art.
Do you think you will try this print for Spring? What marble printed piece will you add to your closet?
Happy Wednesday! Have a lovely rest of your week!

Not Over It: Overalls

Overalls were essentially the staple piece of the 90’s. If you were a child of that decade, you know its true. Our moms loved to strap these on us and send us off to school. Once we hit the millennium, these easy and laid back hybrid pieces totally went out of style. Needless to say, they’re making a comeback- maybe its their simplicity or versatility (or just we’ve made a collective decision that the 90’s were the best decade). Regardless, we’re totally obsessing over overalls.
For spring, we’re loving overall shorts and skirts (we love full length overalls as well, but they are better for fall and winter, obvi.). What’s great about overalls is they come in all sorts of patterns and colors- we personally prefer just the plain jean or leather but the patterns can be a great statement. The Current/Elliot piece is subtle pattern- makes a statement without screaming.
Another great thing about overalls is their simplicity. Because of this, you are able to pair them with a fun t-shirt, swear, crop top, or even a great blouse. Statement shoes are a must with overalls- a great sneaker or lace up heel is one of our favorites. As seen on the Oscars last Sunday, statement necklaces are so HOT right now. Statement necklaces are perfffeccct for these overall pieces.
Now, go dig through your closets in hopes of finding your old 90’s overalls, go thrift shopping or just visit one of the websites below. Start obsessing over overalls for spring and summer!
Not Over It: Overalls
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