Stella McCartney


We usually see marble stone on countertops in kitchens and bathrooms and don’t think twice about it (unless you are remodeling your house of course). But when interior decorating and fashion collide we are blessed with an amazing print: MARBLE! This week we are totally WAiSTEDD on marble print for accessories, jewelry, handbags, and apparel!
Bold, sophisticated, and delicate, this print is a great add for your Spring wardrobe. This neutral print can add a pop to any outfit, without overpowering. We think this print looks great next to any color, so it is a seamless add for your wardrobe.
If you aren’t ready to commit to this print, try it out on your nails first! Fashion blogger Aimee Song showed us on Instagram how trendy this print can be as nail art.
Do you think you will try this print for Spring? What marble printed piece will you add to your closet?
Happy Wednesday! Have a lovely rest of your week!

Hot Mesh

Both of us have really been into sporty femininity lately. Whether it’s because both of us are obsessed with Rihanna or Beyonce, who both wear mesh quite frequently (um hi ON THE RUN: LOVE IT.) or simply because we are nostalgic for some sporty spice. Regardless, mesh done right is so amazing (done wrong its totally a Madonna music video gone sour).
We love mesh as a great shirt dress or crop top. Even better is to pair simple feminine pieces (white button down, chambray, or even lace shorts) with mesh accessories or jacket. The mesh pieces below are sexy and sport yet they do not look costume like. Go for classic and edgy rather than over the top- you don’t want to look like a joke. The texture is absolutely key- definitely try these pieces on before you buy them and make sure you have some classic pieces to wear them with. When in doubt, we absolutely look to our favorite celebs for inspiration.
We’re totally WAiSTEDD on great mesh pieces. We hope your Wednesday is full of hot mesh and isn’t a hot mess! Teehee, have a great week everyone!
Hot Mesh


Raving over Rihanna

We decided to switch it up a little for this weeks WAiSTEDD Wednesday and discuss a particular celebrity’s style that we are totally WAiSTEDD on. As the title of the post may have indicated, we chose to highlight Rihanna- and are you surprised whatsoever? The Lady is SLAYIN’ it! Rihanna exudes style- whether it be on the street or the red carpet.
What we love most about Rihanna’s style is her fearlessness- she can rock a casual denim on denim street look one day, and a nipple bearing crystal number the next night. She is not afraid to take risks and truly wear what she wants- often it seems that Rihanna has many different styles and yet there is still something distinct and recognizable about her style. We can all take a page from Rihanna’s book- wear what makes YOU happy & own it with confidence. Don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment. More importantly, don’t wear things just because they are “on trend”. Wear what you want and find your unique style.
We love Rihanna’s unique picks and her individual style that always looks effortless, edgy and we truly envy her ability to take risks and make it all work. We miss this badie boo on instagram in all her glory! Raving over Rihanna